Custom Protective Packaging

protective pulp packaging

Protective End Caps, Trays and Clamshells

Protective Packaging Development Process

At SPI, we specialize in designing and producing molded pulp packaging that meets your unique requirements. Whether you need a specific size, shape, or raw material for your packaging, we can work with you to create a customized solution. Throughout the development process, our team will collaborate closely with you to determine the best options for your particular needs.

  • Concept Development:  What are your packaging goals, including functional, aesthetic and environmental?
  • Schedule:  When do you need the first delivery?
  • Order Volume: How many units do you need per month? per year?
  • Design: We will provide 3-D technical drawings & prototypes for review and approval.
  • Production: We will manufacture to your specifications and work with you to develop a delivery schedule that works for your business needs.
  • Special Needs: Do you have any other requirements that we should know about?

Order Minimum & Lead Time

  • Minimum Order: Starting at 30,000 units (some flexibility depending on the project scope)
  • Lead Time: 12-14 weeks from design approval
  • Set-Up & Tooling FeesContact SPI for pricing

Benefits of Pulp Packaging

Molded pulp packaging offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional plastic and EPS (Styrofoam) packaging.


  • 100% post-industrial raw materials
  • Chemical-free pulping process
  • Open air drying (70% of the time)
  • No waste water — all water evaporates or is reused in the pulping process
  • Zero manufacturing waste – all scraps are returned to the pulp slurry
  • Final packaging is 100% recyclable


  • Excellent bracing, blocking and cushioning protection
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Water resistant
  • Electrically neutral


  • Inexpensive and stable raw material sources
  • Affordable new development costs
  • Designed to nest for reduced shipping and storage costs
  • Formed to shape –- no assembly required