Custom Consumer Packaging 

Custom size & shape

Molded pulp packaging is very versatile.  Historically it was only used to protect fragile items during shipping, such as eggs in egg cartons.  However, with new finishing treatment techniques, such as pressing, trimming and debossing, we can now make beautiful and stylish custom consumer packaging.

The natural and tactile aesthetic of molded pulp is an ideal packaging solution for companies that want to build an eco-friendly brand image.  With the raw and textured appearance of pulp packing, it is easy to communicate a commitment to the environment. 

Custom Consumer Packaging Development

During the development cycle SPI will work closely with you to identify the best options based on your specific needs.

  • Concept Development
    Project goals – functional, aesthetic and eco
  • Parameters
    Project timeline, order volume and budget
  • Design
    3-D technical drawings & prototypes for review and approval
  • Production 
    Manufactured to your detailed specifications
custom consumer packaging

Order Minimum & Lead Time

  • Minimum Order: 30,000 units
    (some flexibility depending on the project scope)
  • Lead Time: 10-12 weeks from design approval
  • Set-Up & Tooling Fees: Contact SPI for pricing