T12 & T8 Lamp Packaging

Protective packaging for linear lamps

T8 Light Tray Protective Packaging

Molded pulp protective packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and Styrofoam (EPS) . Our T12 and T8 trays are designed to ship linear light bulbs, tubes and lamps. They are made from post-industrial recycled newsprint and 100% recyclable.  

T8 & T12 Linear Lamps

Lamps are typically identified by a code. The T indicates that the shape of the bulb is tubular and the number is the diameter in eighths of an inch. Typical diameters are T12 (1 1⁄2 ) and T8 (1 in).

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T8 Light Track Packaging

Tray Diameters

  • T8 trays:  1″ tubes
  • T12 trays: 1.5″ tubes

Types of Lamps

  • T8 fluorescent lamps
  • T12 fluorescent lamps
  • T8 LED lamps
  • T12 LED lamps