Cost Savings: Helping the Bottom Line

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Corporate sustainability initiatives, eco-responsibility and generally greening your company are important and valuable in today’s business and social climates. However, the realities of operating a business require companies to also be financially responsible. The bottom line counts! How can you do both? Environmentally friendly solutions that are cost neutral –or offer cost savings – are the answer.

Molded pulp packaging offers many cost savings that can help your bottom line and also support your corporate sustainability goals.


Raw Materials
Inexpensive and stable sources of raw materials help to keep the cost of molded pulp packaging affordable. Most plastic and foam packaging is manufactured from petroleum, and as a result, the price constantly fluctuates with the price of oil. Molded pulp packaging is made from widely available and inexpensive natural fibers and post-consumer paper products.

Freight and Warehouse Savings
One of the most widely touted advantages of molded pulp packaging is the ability to stack or “nest” the units for significant space savings. In one commonly referenced comparison, a stack of 40 molded pulp end caps had a 70% space savings to the same number of EPS (Styrofoam) end caps. The exact space savings will vary for different products, but the fact remains that molded pulp is less expensive and much more efficient to store and transport than EPS.

Production Costs
Manufacturing molded pulp packaging is a fairly simple process. In many instances, production saving can be implemented. For example, the thick wall pulp products can be dried naturally on open air trays. Open air drying results in cost savings and is also better for the environment .

New Development
New development with Sustainable Packaging Industries is affordable. Because we source overseas, our prototypes and production tooling are significantly less expensive than our domestic counterparts. Affordable new development costs makes it possible for companies to test and evaluate new designs without taking huge financial risks.

Labor Cost Savings
Molded pulp products are formed to shape. This results in limited assembly requirements and labor cost savings.

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