The Environmental Benefits of Molded Pulp Packaging

What are the environmental benefits of SPI’s pulp protective packaging?

Raw Materials – Pulp packaging is made from 100% post-industrial raw materials and no chemicals are added during the pulping process. It is simply water, movement and recycled corrugate or newsprint. No toxic or hazardous materials are introduced or expelled into the environment during the manufacturing for a very earth friendly process.

Water Usage – No waste water is generated in the manufacturing process; all water either evaporates or is reused in the pulping process.

Waste Reduction – All scraps are returned to the pulp for zero manufacturing waste. The final packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Energy Usage – Open air drying is used whenever it is feasible, which is approximately 70% of the time. The drying room is heated with post industrial wood (saw dust / wood offcuts from furniture manufacture). Diesel is used in the drying machine when open air drying isn’t possible.

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