How to Choose the Best Clamshell Packaging for Your Small Business —

Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI) was featured as the best alternative to traditional plastic clamshell packaging by Fit Small Business.

Fit Small Business provides in-depth reviews and buyers guides for a wide range of products and services. In a recent issue, the topic was “How to Choose the Best Clamshell Packaging for Your Small Business“. SPI’s fiber packaging was highlighted as the best choice for companies seeking a greener and more environmentally friendly clamshell alternative.

SPI’s President and founder, Allison Reed, explains the GreenKraft Clamshells and Eco Hanging Packs were designed for companies that do not have the time, volume, or resources to develop custom packaging. With these off-the-shelf designs, SPI provides eco-­friendly and design­-forward packaging solutions for companies of any size.

To read the full Buyer’s Guide, please visit Fit Small Business .

Best Alternative to Plastic Clamshell Packaging