Order samples to test fit with your products

  • GreenKraft Samples

    Order samples to test fit with your products. The sample sets include one of each size to help you determine the best size for your products. You can also use the samples to help design your labels and branding materials.
    1) Small Clamshells ($8): Includes Small (GK-001 and GK-002), Medium (GK-004 ), A2 (GK-A2) Available in USA
    2) Large Clamshells  ($10): Includes Large (GK-005 ), Large Shallow (GK-008),  XL (GK-007) Available in USA
    3) Tube Clamshell Set ($8): Includes Small Tube (GK-T01), Large Tube (GK-T02) Available in USA
    4) Multi Set - Clamshells, Tubes  & Inserts ($24): Includes Small (GK-001 and GK-002), Medium (GK-004 ), Large (GK-005 or GK-006 ),  Large Shallow (GK-008) , A2 (GK-A2). XL (GK-007), Small Tube (GK-T01), Large Tube (GK-T02) and Assortment of Inserts Available in USA
  • Order die-cut insert samples to secure your products in our GreenKraft clamshells. Sample set includes an assortment of our blank inserts, black blank inserts, and IN-101, 102, 104, & 105. Contact us if you would like to include any of our "Build Your Own" shapes and/or layouts. Click here to check out our layouts and shapes to see possible options.
    • Clamshell samples not included
    • Shipping included
    • Email for questions, or requests.
  • Order a sample of our POP (Point of Purchase) Display designed to hold 24 small clamshells. The set includes our XL clamshell and two die cut inserts (left side & right side). Each side is designed to hold 12 small (GK-001 or GK-002) clamshells upright. A great way to display products in your retail "brick and mortar" shop.
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