Australian Bush Medicine Products

Indigenous Australian Medicinal Products

Indigenous Australian Bush Medicine Products –

Bush Balm® creates products from wild-harvested medicinal plants expertly collected on Aboriginal Lands in Central Australia. 

The products are produced by The Purple House’s bush medicine social enterprise Bush Balm. Purple House is an innovative Indigenous-owned and operated non-profit health service that supports Indigenous dialysis patients to be home in the Country by providing remote dialysis treatment.  By making and selling traditional bush remedies, this dynamic enterprise provides employment opportunities for patients and their families and no-cost bush medicine for Purple House patients year-round.

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traditional Medicinal Product including Irmangka Irmangka Bush Balm, Organic Native Lemongrass lip balm

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Bush Balm Social Enterprise

Bush Balm is a Purple House Brand

Purple House is an Indigenous-run and owned health service.

Indigenous Australian Medicinal Products

Bush Balm Social Enterprise

15 Lindsay Ave, East Side NT 0870


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