Custom Window Packaging Concept

Golf ball packaging concept

Packaging Concept 

We had fun making this packaging concept to show how you can customize a standard GreenKraft clamshell with a custom die cut window and insert. We cut a circular hole in the cover of a small GreenKraft clamshell.  The opening is large enough to let the golf ball peek through, but not big enough for the ball to slip out.  Inside, we made a custom die cut insert.  A green raffia paper ribbon was used to secure the golf tee. The raffia is wrapped around the tee, then threaded through a small hole and secured to the back of the insert.  We think this concept is a great example of how you can easily customize one of our standard clamshells. 

Custom Die Cut Window

Add a custom die cut window to a standard GreenKraft clamshell

  • Order Minimum: 20 cases
  • Lead Time: 10 weeks
  • Set-Up Costs: $600 tooling (one-time)

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Custom Die Cut Inserts

Design a custom die cut insert to fit inside one of our standard GreenKraft clamshells

  • Order Minimum: 200-400 units
  • Lead time: 2-3 weeks
  • Set-Up Cost: None
  • Unit Cost: more info

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