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At SPI, we are thrilled to announce our latest design in sustainable, retail packaging: the new hanging wraps and belly band sleeves. Designed to perfectly complement our popular GreenKraft clamshells, these additions are artfully crafted from chipboard – a 100% recycled material that is itself recyclable and plastic free. Available in both an original, undyed tan and black, our chipboard sleeves offer a versatile, eco-friendly solution to your retail packaging needs!

Customizable and Eco-Friendly:
One of the most notable features of our hanging wraps and belly sleeves is their blank slate design, free from any pre-designed branding and labeling. This gives your company the perfect opportunity to customize them to your heart’s content. Whether you prefer traditional labeling, ink stamping, or any other unique branding methods, our chipboard wraps offer a versatile, sustainable solution to package your products. While SPI does offer custom debossed logos on GreenKraft clamshells, we are big advocates of branding via ink stamps. Stamping is an easy, affordable and plastic free way to brand your packaging. Read more about stamping here.

Ink stamp branding on Chipboard Belly Band Sleeve
Chipboard Hanging Wraps and Belly Bands

Versatile Display Options:
Our medium-sized hanging wraps come with the option of including a window, allowing customers a sneak peak of the product inside the clamshell. This feature is perfect for in-store displays, where a glimpse of the product can make all the difference in catching a potential buyer’s eye. The sleeves are also designed to hang easily, attractively showcasing a diverse selection of products and maximizing shelf space.

Easy Assembly:
Both the hanging wraps and belly bands are shipped flat to save on shipping space and costs. Upon their arrival, they can be quickly folded and assembled. The belly band wraps have an easy self-closure.  For the hanging sleeves, you can glue them together with standard Elmer’s glue, or choose alternative eco-friendly adhesives like glue dots or wheat paste –– a vegan glue solution.

Small and Large Quantity Orders:
At SPI, we understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why, along with our GreenKraft clamshells, our hanging wraps and belly sleeves can be ordered in small quantities for smaller projects. You can also order a sample set as well that includes an assortment of our hanging wraps and sleeves. For larger needs, we can provide quotes for bulk orders shipments ensuring you get the best value for your volume. The hanging wraps and belly sleeves are offered in small and medium sizes as well. The small size is compatible with our GK-001 and GK-002 clamshells, while the large size is compatible with our GK-003 and GK-004 clamshells.

Why SPI?
By choosing SPI’s new hanging wraps and belly sleeves, you’re not only opting for a high quality, customizable packaging solution, but you’re also making a conscious, mindful choice for the environment as our products are designed with sustainability at the forefront — and made right here in SPI’s Southern California workshop.

More Information

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Sleeves and wraps are made in SPI’s Southern California Workshop

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