Avery Labels


Eco Friendly Labels

Avery has created a line of eco-friendly labels that are not only made of 100% recycled materials, but are also processed chlorine free. And unlike other labels, Avery eco-friendly labels also feature recyclable facestock and adhesives. Many adhesives can create issues during recycling and are not Recycling Compatible Adhesives (RCA) certified.

GK-001 with Presta 94262

Clamshell: GK-001
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94262

GK-001 with Presta 94506

Clamshell: GK-001
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94506

GK-001 with Presta 94237

Clamshell: GK-001
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94237

GK-004 with Presta 94056

Clamshell: GK-004
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94056

GK-004 with Presta 94104

Clamshell: GK-004
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94104

GK-A2 with Presta 94207

Clamshell: GK-A2
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94207

GK-007 with Presta 94263 & 94501

Clamshell: GK-005
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94263/94501

GK_006 with Presta 94257

Clamshell: GK-006
AVERY LABEL: Presta 945257

GK-007 with Presta 94263

Clamshell: GK-007
AVERY LABEL: Presta 94263