Frequently Asked Questions


Natural Fiber Trays & Fiber Covers

What raw materials are used to make the Natural Fiber Trays and covers?

The tray is made from wheat straw, a natural fiber and agricultural by-product. 

The covers are made from Neenhaw environment recycled papers.



How can you dispose of the trays and covers?

The trays and covers are biodegradable and compostable.


How do the cover and tray attach?

The lid and tray can be easily glued together. We recommend using  all purpose “Elmer’s Glue” or “YES! Paste”. 


Does SPI provide the labels?

No, SPI does not provide labels or printing. We can provide a list of label sources for your reference — including digital, offset, inkjet. Depending on your volume and printing needs there are a variety of options.


Are the natural fiber trays safe for direct food contact?

The packaging is not approved for direct food contact.