DIY Packaging Ideas

easy and fun ways to customize

DIY Japanese Tape

Japanese Printed Tape

Try decorating with the beautiful and colorful printed Japanese washi masking tape. more info

Cotton Batting

Do you need to pad your product or want a natural cotton insert for your jewelry box? Visit your local fabric store and check out the cotton batting options.

Raffia Ribbon

Raffia ribbon is a natural ribbon that looks great, comes in a wide range of colors, and is affordable. Use raffia to wrap your clamshell like a gift box.

DIY Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands come in a huge range of colors and designs. Custom printing is also available. For an easy and secure closer, just snap on a rubber band.

Tissue Paper

Everybody knows that you can use tissue paper inside a box, but you can also use it as a pretty wrap-around band. Fold the tissue paper into long strips and wrap around the box. Secure with a printed label. Lots of colorful tissue paper options too!


Get artistic! Paint directly onto our GreenKraft clamshells. The flat cover surface is a perfect mini-canvas.

DIY Stamp


Traditional hand stamped images and lettering looks great. The GreenKraft material soaks up ink well and results in a handmade, letterpress look and feel.

Glue Dots

If you haven’t already discovered glue dots — you should! Round dots of glue that come in a range of sizes and tack levels. Unlimited number of uses. Visit your local office supply or crafts store.